Martine McCutcheon, face “devastated” by Botox: “I decided to redo”

Entertainment 11 November, 2016

The lovely Natalie film Love Actually has changed.

Tmartine-mccutcheon-a-publie-une-photo-dhe show Loose Women , led by the sultry Katie Price is still the scene of many revelations. This week, actress and British singer Martine McCutcheon who was speaking to heart open about cosmetic surgery and sex after marriage . One that embodies Natalie in the cult Love Actually confessed to having used Botox and although his first attempt was not necessarily very convincing, she did not hesitate to give a second chance to injections.
At 40, the interpreter of Perfect Moment explained that after its first meeting, the features of his face were like ” devastated “. This did not stop him again. “It was at a time when I was going through a difficult period, it was a moment that it was wrong and, in short, it showed on my face that had the air devastated. I saw myself in the mirror and I thought that I had always had nice skin and a shimmering complexion. I lost it all so I did Botox and did not like . it gave me a strange look but I decided to remake and I loved it, really, it was great because we would not have told me. I no longer looked like the one I was once but at least I did not look like a crumpled pillow , “enthused one who camped Tiffany Mitchell in the soap opera EastEnders .
What also breathe new life since her marriage Martine confessed that after four years of marriage with Jack McManus, his sex life had ” need to be spicy .” Blame his numerous professional obligations but also the birth of their son , the little Rafferty, 21 months old . To rekindle the flame of desire, it has a very simple solution. ” We looked eye to eye to reconnect. At first, you laugh a little foolishly and your squinty eyes but once you exceed that, the flame revives and one thing led to another … ” has she concluded happily without going into too much detail.