Mary Poppins Returns: A first poster and a first teaser unveiled at the D23!

Cinema 17 July, 2017

On the occasion of the D23, the Disney studios unveiled a very first teaser of Mary Poppins Returns. Here is a short description of this magic video!

And yes, we look forward to it, the return of the most magical nanny in the history of cinema! Mary Poppins Returns is the sequel to the 1964 classic with Julie Andrews, Emily Blunt taking charge of heroin with the flying umbrella. For now, of course, the studios have remained quite silent on the film, but the first photos of Mary Poppins Returns that have already been unveiled have convinced us that magic was still working! Fortunately for us, this weekend takes place the D23, the LA convention of fans of Disney and occasion for the house with big ears to show us some new images of this long-awaited feature. We had the chance to discover a first poster of the film, on which Emily Blunt makes a wonderful Mary Poppins But better still, it makes us a sacred gift by unveiling a very first teaser. The editing of melty managed to get hold of a description of this little video!

So according to what we read, the teaser takes us to the district of London, Cherry Tree Lane, which already served as the setting for the first film. And that’s where the Banks family still lives, Michael and Jane having grown up. Only the family has just suffered a terrible loss, Michael’s wife just dying. We see then Georgie, the young son of Michael, who enjoys with a kite that finds … stuck in a cloud! Bizarre, you say? It’s normal ! For at the end of the line is Mary Poppins herself, holding the kite, equipped with her magic umbrella and bag. According to the information, the rest of the teaser consists mainly of quick images where we see a music number in which Mary Poppins and Jack, the new Bert of the film, and the famous penguins of the first film, the house of Topsy, Interpreted by Meryl Streep in Mary Poppins Returns, betting on top, or Jack and his friends lampoonists who run in the streets of London. So to say that this description has enough to put us in the mouth! We cross the fingers to be able soon to discover visu this famous teaser, which has everything magic!