Mary Poppins Returns: Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda on new shooting photos

Cinema 4 April, 2017

The shooting of Mary Poppins Returns continues in London and new photos have been unveiled.
Mary Poppins will be back in the dark rooms in 2018 and it is Emily Blunt who will lend her traits to the nanny we all dreamed of having. If the film’s release is still far away, fans can take advantage of the shooting that is currently taking place in the streets of London and give us a good overview of what lies ahead in this new adventure. If Disney has launched a series of Live-Action to revisit its classics like Cinderella or The Beauty and the Beast , Mary Poppins Returns is not a reboot but a site. Mary Poppins will be back in the life of Jane and Michael Banks as they become adults and have founded their own family.
The best nanny in the world will be back to help Michael Banks and his 3 children through a difficult time and bring them back to the joie de vivre. It is with two of the children of Michael that we find Mary Poppins on the new shooting photos in the company of Jack played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Is she preparing to make them live a magic moment that will make them forget their worries? While waiting for the release of the film, we reveal all you need to know about Mary Poppins Returns !