Mary Poppins Returns: New details on the plot and characters unveiled

Cinema 17 July, 2017

Thanks to the D23, which took place this weekend, we were able to glean some little information about the plot of Mary Poppins Returns and her characters!

The month of December will be loaded for fans of Disney! Not only will they see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, whose characters appear on individual posters, but also witness the return of the most amazing housekeeper. The editing of melty is obviously about Mary Poppins, who will once again move into the Banks family in Mary Poppins Returns. And of course, she’s going to have a mission to give back a little life and introduce some magic into the ranks of the Banks, for whom things have taken a sad turn. Thanks to the D23 event and Rob Marshall’s Into the Woods film panel, we were able to get some mini details about his plot and his characters.

We know of course that Michael and Jane Banks, respectively embodied by Ben Wishaw and Emily Mortimer, have grown well. But thanks to the little teaser of Mary Poppins Returns that was unveiled at D23, we learned that if the family is in such a state of distress, it is because she has lost one of her members. Namely Michael’s wife, who died some time before the beginning of the film and leaves behind her husband and their children. Worse still, Michael, who inherited the old house presented in the original film, and his sister Jane crumble under the debts. And they are pursued by the vile banker William Weatherall Wilkins, interpreted by Colin Firth, who intends to recover his money! It is at this time that Mary Poppins arrives, who will probably try to help her old proteges. As for the nanny herself, she will be a little different from Julie Andrews. Emily Blunt, who chose not to take too much inspiration from her performance, said Mary Poppins Returns heroine would be a little stranger than the previous one. That promises!