Mary Tyler Moore, American television legend, died at age 80

Entertainment 27 January, 2017

The world of American television is in mourning. Mary Tyler Moore, famous for the series that bore her name, died Wednesday, January 25 at the age of 80 years.
It is a true feminist icon that goes away. Mary Tyler Moore, famous on the other side of the Atlantic for the Mary Tyler Moor Show, died Wednesday at the age of 80. The actress from New York originally suffered from diabetes for years and had undergone brain surgery in 2011. His peers have honored the memory of an actress who was able to advance the cause of women through laughter .

The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a revolutionary sitcom

Is first to prepare for a career as a dancer, Mary Tyler Moore became known to the public by winning a role in the series The Dick Van Dyke Show , through which it becomes extremely popular and won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Of the best actress. This is how Mary Tyler Moore got her own sitcom in 1970. The Mary Tyler Moore Show won all votes and lasted seven seasons. It must be said that its concept is quite unusual for the time. Mary Tyler Moore is a young single woman who lives alone, making every effort to become a great journalist. Unusual themes for the period are discussed in the series : wage equality, homosexuality, infidelity, premarital sex , drug addiction, infertility and adoption … well, The Mary Tyler Moore Show is extraordinarily modern and has been designated by the Times as one of the 17 programs that have changed television. The series is also in the top 20 best 100 series according to the Hollywood Reporter . Mary Tyler Moore also starred opposite Elvis Presley in his latest film, Change of Habit .

The stars in mourning

On Twitter, many stars have paid tribute to Mary Tyler Moore, the embodiment of modern woman on television. Ellen DeGeneres has tweeted : “Mary Tyler Moore changed the world for all women I’m sending all my love to her family..” Oprah Winfrey, who has always said that Mary Tyler Moore was his model, published a picture of them on his plate: “Even now I feel like crying seeing this picture I still do not believe Mary. Tyler Moore touched my face and I will always love him. ” Alyssa Milano has in turn writes: “Mary Tyler Moore had courage and inspired courage I am grateful for his grace and humor she rest in peace among the (brave) angels…”