Massage, chinese effective to alleviate pain of the neck

Health 19 December, 2017


Published the 19.12.2017 at 13: 38


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Two out of three people around you have a bad neck. This pain is considered chronic when they last more than three months. Researchers have shown the effectiveness of chinese massage called tuina to calm them down. This technique has proved safe, cost-effective, compared to a total lack of treatment.
The results of this research have been published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

An ancestral technique

The massage tuina is one of the five branches of traditional chinese medicine. It is based on two operations: push (” tui ” in chinese) and type (” na ” in chinese). It is a technique considered as energy and used for thousands of years in China.
The person who exercises it can use 300 handling different based on the different parts of the body and on the use of the fingers, hands, wrist, palm, elbow and even feet.

An experimental validation

Quantre-twenty-twelve people participated in the study. They were divided by random draw into two groups. One received nothing, the other has benefited from massage tuina. Six massages have been provided, two per week. For this group of people who have benefited from the massage, the pain is significantly reduced after twelve weeks.
Dr. Claudia Witt, one of the authors of the study, welcomes the results of this study : “the results are promising and call for more research on the tuina “. It would have been preferable to test the massage tuina against massages validated to assess their relative effectiveness.

In France, a draft bill is in progress to integrate and recognize the traditional chinese medicine. Today only doctors trained during their studies in the chinese medicine can practise.