Master Gims: My heart was right, what next single will he choose?

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

Master Gims cartons with My heart was right and its reissue. What new singles does he reserve for the sequel?
On 28 August 2015, Maitre Gims landed with his album My heart was right , consisting of a blue pill and a red pill. Two versions for a total of 26 new titles, which allowed it to sell more than 600 000 copies . With the reissue At against heart (purple pill) in 2016, the member of the Sexion Assault fart scores, placing it among the best-selling albums in France . After “My Beauty” , “150” or “Give everything” , we reserve the Gims for the coming months? Besides his tour, we would still see one or two singles out. “Think of Me” would be perfect, continuing the style of the artist, it could propel a number of charts. For pure rap fans and hard, “Paname” would do just as well. Trainer, she could put pressure on Jul or Nekfeu.
If Maitre Gims would be good football player , rapper could drop the promotion of his latest album and come back in 2017 with all beautiful brand new sounds. After making a joke to his fans on social networks, announcing the arrest of his career after the victory of Donald Trump to the US presidency, the singer announced the release of a new album entitled Black Belt . If the project is still unclear and no date has been announced, this third studio album could make noise and increase sales of tickets for its concerts in the hexagon. Rather discreet lately, Black M’s friend works in the shade and it’s going to hurt. What title would you like to see out as a single?