Master Gims without glasses, he unveils a picture of his childhood

Entertainment 6 April, 2017

Want to see (finally) Master Gims without his sunglasses? He unveiled the long awaited photo!
Instagram, the network of all buzz! There are those who exchange messages of support as Griezmann could do with Rohff , then there are those who make you kiffer with their photos. This is the case of Master Gims who does not hesitate to share his daily life with his 1.3 million subscribers. Between two promotional images, a selfie and a cliché on board his private jet ( oklm ), Master Gims offers you a little back to childhood . The leader of the Sexion of Assault posted a photo of him TB story to thank his audience. Accompanied by a cute word, the interpreter of “I forgive you” was unveiled without his legendary sunglasses . Enjoy it, it is extremely rare!
For those who dreamed of getting up one morning and discovering Master Gims without his famous glasses, today is possible. The rapper has published a cliché of him without his favorite accessory and accompanied by a pretty legend : “Thank you very much for your permanent support.In this job the hardest is not to get there but to stay there, only we go Faster but together we go further … Thank you! ” Ok … The picture was taken a few years back, but should not ask too much either. Everything in its time as they say! Now, more than waiting for new pieces to hope for new photos. It starts strong with the first extract of Black Belt .