Mathilde (The Voice 4) victim of domestic violence: “I found love”

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

His new single is inspired by this tragic past.
la-talentueuse-mathilde-dans-the-voiceIn The Voice 4, Mathilde was eliminated at the gates of the quarterfinals . Far from being a defeated candidate, the singer released a novel single. One particularly important way for it since it draws its past as a battered woman.
During an interview for the site Télé Star , Mathilde found to have been victims of domestic violence. ” It took ten years to tell me I was going to talk about it because I have made peace with what happened to me. I did it my way, I found love. I am cured. But, I know this is not the case for everyone , “she says.
It is thanks to his family that the singer managed to get by. She explains: ” They helped me out of this spiral But it is true that we are quickly locked in a prison fear and anxiety My friends made me understand that it was not.. normal. ”
Happy to be out of hell, Mathilde therefore now shares his experience with the title It was a girl . A single that should be included in a new album that promises amazing!