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Entertainment 26 August, 2017

french touch

The american press are already wondering who is the French which made capsize the heart of Christina Milian.

While the relationship between Matt Pokora and Christina Milian was formalized yesterday after their fiery fuck on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, the young woman who joined in the south of France to console him after the death of Emily d’angelo, the jury of The Voice is already speaking to him across the Atlantic. The american press has not been slow to take up the information, disseminating the photos of this moment of complicity. One thing is certain, this “french kiss”, which had obviously nothing of a “missed note”, made some noise, propelling the singer to the top of the poster.

The u.s. site TMZ devoted to him an article. Compared to Andam Levine, the leader of the group Maroon 5, Matt Pokora is described as “a great pop singer French”, but also as one of the “jurors of The Voice the country of the baguette and cheese”. Decidedly, the clichés about France are still fly in the United States. It is not if it is the side “French Lover” of Matt, his accent or his new look is bad boy who has done crack in the first of the singer of 35 years, but to judge from the glances that she throws him, now, everything seems to please him at home.

Christina Milian

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