Mayotte : the professionals alarmed by health situation

Health 29 June, 2017


Published the 29.06.2017 at 13h44


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The health situation is tense in the 101st French department. Mayotte, which records the highest rate of births in France, difficulties of the tasks of care at the destination of the mothers and their children.

The centre of mother and infant Protection (PMI) seems to be particularly affected. Its agents are raising the tone in an open letter to the political leaders and the population. They denounce the lack of means, and even go a little further.

“We come to ask ourselves if it is incompetence, of errors repeated or if it is a desire orchestrated by our bodies “, they explain in the letter. A budget of 62 million euros has yet been released by the State for the benefit of the Prefecture of Mayotte. They were in particular aimed at social Assistance to the child and the IMP.

Shortages in personnel and equipment

But ” on the ground, no improvement is observed, and a deterioration of working conditions and staff is to regret “, regret agents. From September 2017, the centre PMI will count no more than 8 midwives, 3 doctors and 20 nurses in the territorial whole of the island, which has more than 230 000 inhabitants. The expected departures of long-standing for this summer are not replaced. They will add to the positions which have been vacant for years, still not been filled.

“We deplore a shortage of drugs, hygiene products, scales, blood pressure monitors “, explained to AFP Brice Plouvier, wise-woman to the PMI of Mtsapéré, and spokesperson of the officers of the PMI Mayotte.