Me, Moche and Mechant 3: The Minions and Gru Separate, Our Critic

Cinema 5 July, 2017

New adventures await Gru, his daughters and the minions in Me, Moche and Mechat 3! Is the film up to the previous levels? We give you the answer with our criticism …

And if you go to meet the nastiest (and awesome) villain of all time? By discovering Moi Moche et Méchant 3 on Wednesday July 5 in the dark rooms, you will not miss the delusional personality of Balthazar Bratt, the super villain of this third opus. Nearly three years after the second part, Gru and his yellow acolytes are back … Finally, not really! The Minions, who rebel against Gru in the trailer of Moi Moche and Malignant 3 decide to abandon it because it is no longer cruel enough to their taste. Our hero, who has lost his job, finds himself with Lucy and his three daughters in Freedonia, where he will meet for the first time his hidden twin. Many twists and turns that will not leave us time to get bored before this feature film Illumination!

Confronted with his brother Dru, Gru is going to face a case of conscience: will he become bad again? Tempted by the desire to do evil, he could succumb to his former demons and become again the greatest villain of all time … Accompanied by his evil twin! Dru is the exact opposite of Gru: blond, dressed all white and rich, it is no less interesting and source of many gags in the film. Despite everything, this new character is stole the spotlight by Balthazar Bratt, the most successful villain of the franchise! Former Hollywood star in the 1980s, he remained stuck at this time when everyone rejected him growing up. Balthazar Bratt is an atypical character with character, gestures and ultra-developed gadgets, determined to take revenge on those who have ranked him in the has-been category.