Medical deserts : the order of the unions

Health 21 July, 2017


Published the 21.07.2017 at 13h18


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The trade unions of the liberal doctors and the government put themselves in order of battle to fight against the medical deserts. The minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, has announced that it is preparing a grand plan for September to improve access to care for the French. A plan, in co-construction with the unions. Three of them have already expressed their ideas to the minister. Their proposals are returned to the Elysée and Matignon.

On the side of the CSMF, the main union of liberal doctors, one of the priorities is to discover the medicine of city students. Because until now the training of future doctors is done almost exclusively in the hospital environment. The CSMF proposes to develop internships in general medicine, and specialized in city from the beginning of the course. This could be coupled with 12 months of internship in general medicine during the internship. The medical deserts would be preferred.

Increase students and supervisors

The increase in remuneration is also an important focus, according to the union. First, for students who are paid 200 euros per month before entering the internship. Housing allowances and travel expenses are also proposed to the internal work placement in the food-deficit areas. Supervisors should also benefit from higher compensation or tax benefit, says the union.

To encourage the installation of young doctors, the CSMF has also proposed to the minister of Health to create to develop the employment and fiscal liberal, and employee. In regions of under-density medical, communities should also help physicians and their families to move, says the union, which also wants to build on the grouping of professionals and telemedicine.