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Health 8 July, 2017


Published the 08.07.2017 at 10: 30


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The delivery of medicines online in France is growing. In our country, it is forbidden to sell in-line treatment prescription, with the exception of licensed pharmacies deliver the medicines at home, including those prescribed by a prescription. So far, this service is rather remained anecdotal. But two recent initiatives launched in July could well change.

Delivery 7j/7 and 24h/24 for the urgent needs

The first, Pharma Best, is a service offered by a pharmacy of Marseille in partnership with The Post office. The second is a start-up that targets the paris region and answers to the name of Pharma Express. The two innovations work via smartphone apps that help you scan the prescription and send it to the pharmacies. Once the purchase is completed, the pharmacists themselves (and only them) who prepare the orders. Runners will then take the relay to deliver parcels to the homes of patients.

“Until now there was the problem of the back-and-forth to do with the order paper, which is long and costly,” he explained to AFP Jordan Cohen, president of Pharma Express. “With Pharma Express, the medications will be delivered” 7 days on 7 and 24 hours on 24 hours, in a period of less than an hour, ” promises the latter. The parisian company, which gives priority to the urgent needs of medicines, has announced the establishment of a partnership with SOS Doctor in the month of July. She also plans to partner with a thirty independent pharmacies by the fall.

For its part, Pharma Best caters primarily to elderly and disabled guests and offers a delivery in the afternoon or in the morning following the order. By the end of the year, the service should extend in 60 stores across the country.


“Point of passage”

Such a mode of prescribing enables pharmacists to get the taste of the day and adapt to new consumer trends. The college of pharmacists sees, however, limits on this type of device, starting with the close relationship between the pharmacist and the patient, who could suffer.

“To systematize the home delivery is not a satisfactory approach. Pharmacy, like medicine, is a health care profession based on a singular meeting with the patient, ” said one of the leaders Alain Delgutte, questioned by the AFP. Vincent Genet, Genet, specialist health consulting firm Alcimed, believes, however, that the fact that the pharmacies are responsible for the preparation of packages allows you to ‘ enhance their role of point of passage “.

However, this is not the first time that delivery of medicines at home through pharmacy is experienced in France. In effect, The Post tests for more than three years, the phrase ” Proxi Race for Health “, a service of portage home-based for pharmacists, used by about 700 dispensaries.


A solution against the medical deserts ?

Of the 22,000 pharmacies in France, the figure appears more than modest. And for good reason, since the pharmacist needs to travel to an agency of The Post office to fetch the command of his patients. The company promises, however, the possibility for the pharmacist to order the package online ” by the end of 2017 “.

Home delivery of medications could be seen as a long-term solution to address the desertification of medical in rural areas. But for Vincent Genet, the game is far from won, because ” the economic model has to do obviously better in large population catchment areas “.