Medications : to monitor the adverse effects with the sun

Health 12 July, 2017


Published the 12.07.2017 at 11h51


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Sunshade, sun glasses, cap… protection measures against the sun are well known to the French. But another caution should be taken before basking on the beach. Check the instructions for his medication. Because some molecules can cause “reactions abnormally exaggerated skin” in the face of the sun which illuminates us. That reminds of the national security Agency of the drug (MSNA).

Several classes of drugs can sensitize the skin to the sun. The most common ones are gels, for local application. But oral treatments can also have harmful effects when they interact with UV rays. This is the case of some antibiotics, antidepressants, or molecules, designed to fight heart rhythm disorders.

Two types of symptoms

The list of molecules involved is detailed on the website of the national Union of dermatologists French (SNDV). The alert also on the risks associated with certain cosmetics, such as musk, solar filters, or plant – like lichens, or frullania.

The information notices specify when a risk of photosensitization exists. It is notified by a red triangle enclosing the image of a sun and clouds, under which is written ” Do not expose treated areas to the sun, even veiled, nor to UVA. “

The reactions in the sun are not systematic, but remain unpredictable. In order to limit the risks, the persons concerned are to advise to use clothing for the duration of the treatment and two weeks after his arrest.

In the case of cutaneous manifestation, immediate discontinuation of the drug is recommended. Photosensitization can result in two major clusters of symptoms : a sunburn (phototoxicity) or a reaction type eczema (photoallergy), up to the appearance of blisters.