Meghan Markle and Prince Harry couple: the father of the actress “very happy”

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

Thomas Markle Sr. is aware from the beginning!
If currently on the cover of the magazine Town & Country for the February 2017 issue which highlights its strong commitment to the protection of endangered species and his love of the African continent, after sharing a week of his mission Malawi last summer, the Prince Harry a low profile in this beginning of year 2017. His girlfriend actress Meghan Markle too, whose prolific Instagram account is off and has not yet switched to the new year, If only to send greetings to its 1.4 million subscribers.
A media invisibility only disturbed by new and exclusive revelations Daily Mail : unless perhaps to convince his ex to talk, the British newspaper raised new comments Thomas Markle Jr., half-brother of the heroine of the series Suits which had already expressed during the autumn to defend fiercely against the vitriolic attack their sister Samantha Grant.
Among other confidences, Thomas Markle Jr. says Prince Harry has had the opportunity to meet the father of her companion, Thomas Markle Sr., from the early days of their relationship , which began in May or June 2016. The first meeting between the English prince 32 years and former director of photography of the series Married with children , 72 years old, and have been held there for about six months, thanks to one of Harry stays in Toronto, where Meghan lives and where shootings are held Suits . ” My father says Thomas Jr., was aware of their relationship from the beginning. He met Harry there about six months in Toronto. He goes there several times a year, Meghan and her remaining permanently in touch . He’s really happy about Harry and is very proud of her. Their relationship is great, they are very close, as they have always been. ”
As long as he loves her, that’s all that counts
If he is very talkative on the subject and says close to his half-sister, after the second marriage of their father, Thomas Markle Jr., fifteen years the eldest of Meghan, has not yet had, , The opportunity to meet Prince Harry and ignore whether he ever met Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, 60 years old. This did not prevent from Oregon where he lives, to pose as a privileged witness of the love of the couple, through About to consider factual hindsight: ” They are extremely happy, they are super She is very much in love and she is happy, it is obvious, because if she was not happy, she would not be there, their story is taking off, it’s good, and I wish them the best long as he takes care of her and that he loves, that’s all that matters;. even though I’d like to meet him and shake his hand. ”
As for the reciprocal, there is no indication that Meghan Markle actually met members of the British royal family; well evasive rumors spoke of encounters with Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles and Princess Camilla.
For Christmas, the lovers were separated, and Prince Harry very lonely: now in Sandringham (Norfolk) for the usual gathering of the clan around Queen Elizabeth II , he was not only deprived of Meghan in Toronto with his mother, but also William and Kate, who spent the holidays with Middleton in Berkshire.
What will be the next chapter of this romance under high surveillance?