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Entertainment 30 January, 2018


Meghan Markle may well give a speech at his wedding with prince Harry, scheduled for may next at the St. George’s chapel of Windsor castle. She could thank all those who have supported the couple, the queen, and make some jokes.

Meghan Markle does she have her head ? The future wife of prince Harry is, in itself, a small revolution in the british royal family : actress, American, divorced, a bit older than her fiancé, it is far from the profile of the daughter-in-law, traditional for the crown. The pretty brunette 36-year-old marry with prince Harry in April next to the St. George’s chapel at Windsor castle, it imposes its brand and its modernity in the organization of the ceremony. Thus, according to information from the Daily Express, though his father, Thomas Markle – who should be the lead up to the altar – will not be making a speech during the wedding, the bride could be in charge. “She really wanted to thank her husband and all those who have supported them,” explains a source, which states : Harry thinks it is a good idea. “

The discourse of the bride, which would be an act unheard of in the wedding of a member of the royal family, dépoussiérerait the protocol and would bring a true breath of modernity to the monarchy. According to the media british, could be expected thanks to Elizabeth II, who gave his blessing to the union of the future newlyweds, as well as a few jokes. Finally, as wedding gifts, the couple has, instead, asked her friends to make donations to charitable organizations. The tradition, very little to the prince Harry and Meghan Markle !

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