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Was just engaged to prince Harry, the american actress has been invited to spend the 24 and 25 December, with Windsor, on the grounds of Sandringham, north of London. A real privilege. But beware of faux-pas…

“God save the queen “, but especially ” God bless America “. The Kensington palace has put an end to the suspense : officially betrothed, since 27 November, and very soon married, next may, and prince Harry, Meghan Markle, super rookie of the crown, will spend a good Christmas with the royal family, in their ownership of Sandringham, in Norfolk.

A gathering more than the normal and obvious for the common man. Except that in Windsor, that have already turned a blind eye to the pedigree of Miss Markle, american actress divorced, the invitation is granted as a privilege.

After their engagement in February 1981, and their marriage, in July of the same year, Diana was able to accompany the prince Charles. But despite their commitment formalized as of November 2010, Kate Middleton had to wait to be married prince William in April 2011, to blow off a “Merry Christmas” to the ear of Elizabeth II.

After you have unpacked the gifts of the prince George and the princess Charlotte, in the presence of Middleton, in the mansion Anmer Hall, in 2016, the duchess of Cambridge is also announced, with her husband and their children, with the queen, this year. The small trépignent already the idea of getting their present.

Couples of prince William and prince Harry will be staying, however, at Anmer Hall, located on the grounds of Sandringham and less windy than the royal property. Built in the 19th century, the castle of Sandringham is distinguished by its red bricks and huge windows meant to let light in, but through which the cold comes flowing in just as much…

For queen Elizabeth II, Christmas is much more than a simple celebration or a tradition. This is the most important moment in the agenda of the royal family, the one that brings the more and the better the different generations of the clan, nicknamed “The Firm” by the British.

As in all families, small voltages can appear to Her Majesty and the newcomers. Pregnant prince George, Kate Middleton had used the excuse of her pregnancy to pass on the 24 and 25 December, in the property of her parents, nestled in the green Berkshire. Unlike his wife, surrounded by love and laughter at Christmas, prince William retains memories quite mixed for this period during which Charles and Diana in tears at the foot of the christmas tree. The son of Elizabeth II wished that the ritual of the wake up family is fully respected. The princess of Wales was living an intimate moment with their two sons, without the contingencies of the protocol.

The ritual requires that the guests of the queen arriving on the 24th of December at 16 o’clock sharp, for the tea served in the white lounge. They then pass into the red room, where are upright tables covered with packets. The gifts for the adults must remain modest, leaves to show some imagination. Her Majesty is not about to forget this Christmas as the very mischievous prince Harry had offered him a shower cap with the inscription ” Ain’t life a bitch “, translated as ” bitch of life ! “…

Each one withdraws, for a change. After the aperitif, the family – usually about thirty members – takes place at the table at 20: 30 for dinner is very formal. Men should wear suits and ties, women should have donned an evening gown. The children are not of age to carry on a conversation or hold properly covered are excluded. The menu is still hearty : crawfish, lamb, venison, winter vegetables such as parsnips, all washed down with wine and champagne. Of Christmas crackers, a packet of surprises adorned with crowns of gold and silver, are available to distract the crowd. The queen would appreciate especially the time where she can read the jokes schoolboy contained in this packet.

After having suppressed a yawn, Her Majesty takes the direction of his room around midnight, while the younger generation moves into the living room for a nightcap – the more often a cider-fee, one of the specialties of Sandringham.

On the morning of 25 December, everyone goes to the church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, on hits 11 hours. The queen arrives at the edge of his Bentley, while the others are the foot path. This is the time of the walkabout is the most popular of the year royal, as the queen and the princes are affordable.

After these greetings, everyone returned to the castle to enjoy the traditional turkey with all the trimmings. The timing of the meal is very precise, as 90 minutes later, the family must sit quietly in front of the small screen to hear the queen’s speech.

In the evening, the remote control is row. Elizabeth II and her guests are in the living room to play charades and mimes. His Majesty also reveals his talent unsuspected to imitate the characters, famous or not, with a clear predilection for the members of his staff – spoiled of foulourds, bottles, and other sweets at Christmas – and even some of his ministers.

Suffice to say that the faux-pas are to be avoided. Second chance for Meghan Markle : his mother Doria would have also been invited to Sandringham. Good luck, ladies !

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