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Entertainment 12 December, 2017

Diana Princess of Wales

The bride of prince Harry, actress Meghan Markle, comes closer again to his deceased mother-in-law seeing his story told by the famous biographer of the princess of Wales, Andrew Morton.

Meghan Markle, as it was accused of being a calculator and you want to be always a “Diana 2.0”, will soon have a point in common with his deceased mother-in-law. In effect, the biographer of the princess of Wales, author of the bestseller, Diana : her true story – in her own words, will very soon reflect on the journey of the actress who will be joined next spring to prince Harry.

And if Andrew Morton seems to be pretty receptive to the charm of Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle seems to have won his heart : “I was a fan of Meghan before she meets the prince Harry. It was this that are the real stars, what some call the ” Markle Sparle “. Confident, prepared and at ease with the photographers, she shows the opposite of the rougissantes wives of the recent history of the monarchy (…) Meghan is an addition to the royal family, is exciting and charismatic. It is reborn of its ashes, the house of Windsor. Its history is fascinating and I look forward to telling it.”

The book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess is announced for April 19, 2018, a month before the wedding of the prince and the actress. If the course of Meghan Markle fascinates already the author, the book should not be as yeasty as was the biography of the princess of Wales.

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