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Entertainment 17 December, 2017


Meghan Markle would she be poised to dethrone the queen of style Kate Middleton ? It would seem. And for good reason, each of the outfits worn by the future wife of prince Harry is out of stock !

Since the formalization of the relationship between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the eyes of the world are riveted on the young woman. The least of his public appearances is under a magnifying glass and look decrypted to the nearest millimetre. A phenomenon amplified with the announcement of their marriage, which made the heyday of the brands of ready-to-wear.

The lower bound, in which is photographed the young woman finds herself immediately out of stock. Now there’s a phrase for it : “Meghan”. This is what happened with the famous white coat that she wore during the official announcement of her marriage with prince Harry. This piece, signed on the Line The Label, has been such a success that the fans are rushes on the website of the canadian brand, leading to a bug. Result, in a few minutes, the coat was out of stock. Since then, the latter was renamed by the brand as “The Meghan”.

For Janey Lopaty, the director of a public relations firm specializing in the placement of celebrities and influencers in Los Angeles, this influence is in part due to the simplicity and the elegance of his style, in which a great majority of women can be projected. His pieces fetishes ? From basics, such as jeans, capes, dresses, straight… Of the essentials of a wardrobe in the sum. As the specialist explained to the american magazine Glamour, “the stars that have a casual look and casual are the ones that end up having the biggest impact”. Unlike her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle brings a breath of fresh air to the royal family. No wonder that it comes to beating the duchess of Cambridge in the ranking of the most influential personalities in terms of fashion.

Photo credits : AGENCE / BESTIMAGE

Meghan Markle

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