Meghan Markle: Prince Harry of the beloved speaks … and resumes work

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

Even after the formalization in good standing of their relationship, the actress remained quiet and mute. However, she had a few words …

meghan-markle-girlfriend-du-prince-harrWhile his past interviews – sometimes comical – resurfaced , unearthed by publications that once had the chance to talk with one that would become the companion of Prince Harry , Meghan Markle stood firm on course since the revelation of his love story Royal.
Distributed in Toronto, where she resides for many years and turns the series Suits who revealed to the public after several days spent in secret in London with her boyfriend (and a trip to Dublin, as has been revealed ), the American actress of 35 years has remained completely silent since the outbreak of the media maelstrom. Despite the pressure exerted on it and the seat of his home, despite the canvassing everyone around him (his mother to his former colleagues through), despite about to take up his half-sister , who plays the very smart Rachel Zane screen remained strong and impassive, at least in appearance. And while saying the noise corridor filming exemption time to consult lawyers, is also Prince Harry who spoke by means of a statement to the muscular tone emitted by its secretariat, attempt to block and protect. In short, lovers of elite await all a sign of the beautiful young woman …
You have given me so much support
Suffice to say that the last activity time on social networks has not gone unnoticed. Remained dormant for more than ten days after a wonderful picture of two dogs as she posted as by calling to adopt the pet shelter in her Instagram account woke up this weekend: first with ” TBT “(a souvenir photo) of a charitable commitment last month and its trade with Canada Justin Trudeau Prime Minister; then she spoke by sharing a quote from Gandhi: ” . Be the change you wish to see in the world ” ” A favorite of The TIG [her lifestyle website, Ed],” she commented about this on to also philanthropic reach.
But following his comment, she took a more personal turn: ” I love adds more today for Emily, Sol, Domi, Hannah, Sih, Doris, JessyScarlett and all of you who have given me so much support over the years. I miss you. ” Subscribers, to a large majority, the support: commentary in this publication, the messages of sympathy and admiration poured. Of course, if the identity of these dear friends remains a mystery, but the fact that Meghan has addressed these thanks also publicly scrutinized as she knows is not trivial. From there to read also as if it were addressed to all the anonymous who show him their face kindly to attacks it suffers, it is only a step.
Romance without the knowledge of all of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be forced break for the next two weeks, the grand-son of Elizabeth II was being flown to represent the Queen as part of an official tour the Caribbean until December 4. The lovebirds probably catch up the lost time on the occasion of the holiday season, trying to outwit the media monitoring.
Meanwhile, the American star of the small screen box sets new episodes of season 7 of Suits , whose distribution is to take place next year in the United States. Back on the set, the charming Meghan seemed just happy to see his colleagues and the atmosphere of shooting, as evidenced by the photos published by the Daily Mail . The British daily fun to see her wearing a coffee machine, wondering if she should not have become a preference for tea, more typically British . Images of the young woman leaving her home with a friend and a lot of complicity with his bodyguards, become an indispensable precaution is as reassuring as to his state of mind.