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Entertainment 13 September, 2017

According to US Weekly Meghan Markle would have been met with Elizabeth II at the beginning of the month of September. An interview in the purest tradition occurring only after a year of relationship between the actress and the prince Harry. What you need to make somewhat jealous of Kate Middleton who at the time had to be patient before you meet the sovereign.

It only remained to make the presentations to be in good and due form with Elizabeth II, and it is now a done thing according to US Weekly. In fact, after you have typed in the eye of the prince Charles, his wife Camilla, and prince William and Kate Middleton, the american media reports that Meghan Markle would have met the queen at the beginning of the month of September, just a few days after the trip to Botswana that brother William has arranged to celebrate the 36 years of his beloved.

According to the magazine, which cites a source close to the couple, the event, which occurred on Sunday, 3 September at the castle of Balmoral in Scotland – would place under the best auspices : “It went well. There is no doubt that it was the first of a long series of meetings […] The entire weekend was a success “. Enough to put a little more balm to the hearts of the two lovebirds together officially since November of 2016 ; the latter is manifestly not subject to the same protocol as William and Kate.

And for good reason, where it only took a small year-to-year Meghan Markle to talk with the queen, Kate Middleton had to wait an eternity. In fact, after meeting in 2001 at the University of St Andrews, Kate and William have fallen in love in 2003 and it was five years later that ” Waity Kaity ” was finally able to meet Elizabeth II.

A first interview with the sovereign, which occurred precisely on may 17, 2008, on the occasion of the marriage of Peter Phillips, the eldest of the grandsons of the queen. The meeting, which Kate Middleton was back at the end of 2010 in an interview with ITV : ” I met her for the first time at the wedding of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly, it was among a lot of other guests and she was very friendly. “, had told the mother of George and Charlotte. ” She wanted to meet Kate for a moment, she has been very welcoming “, had said prince William.


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