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Entertainment 21 January, 2018


Stop everything : Meghan Markle would have found the person in charge of making her wedding dress. The one in which she will say “yes” to her prince charming, may 19, 2018 at Windsor castle.

Since the announcement of her engagement to prince Harry, last November, Meghan Markle is at the center of all attentions. The least of his appearances is under a magnifying glass by the world and her outfits are selling like hotcakes. It is called “Meghan”. And he is not ready to stop. So much, that the one who has already dethroned Kate Middleton in fashion, would just choose his or her designer wedding dress. If the identity of the person is, of course, kept top secret by the palace of Kensington, a few details have, however, been leaked as revealed by the morning’s Good Morning America, which aired on ABC.

This is the chronicler of the chain, and a specialist of the royal family, Omid Scobie who had the scoop of the scoop. “Meghan has done a fitting top secret at Kensington palace with a designer,” he confided. For the referral in his or her choice, the actress of 36 years has been able to count on a person particularly well-informed : his girlfriend Jessica Mulroney, itself a creator of wedding dresses. Came specially from Toronto for the occasion, she has provided valuable advice. “They tried a lot of different models and are in the process of shrinking the selection”, added the journalist. As tradition dictates, the future husband of course was not involved in those trials, leaving the fields open to young women. The future wife and her friend have also taken advantage of these few days spent together to plan other details of the wedding. “Meghan has a lot on his expertise,” said Omid Scobie.

If you still don’t know in what dress the american actress will make her appearance, the journalist said that she would have “expressed the desire to wear something simple, classy and very elegant”. Information that coincide with the description that was Meghan Markle of her ideal dress in the american magazine Glamour, in march 2016. In his eyes, it must be “clean” but also “classic and simple”. “Personally, I prefer the wedding dresses a bit fancier or slightly romantic”, she revealed. Before adding “Delphine Manivet, and Christos Costarellos are my favorite designers for the uniqueness and beauty of their dresses. And I’ll always be a fan of Elie Saab. J. Mendel is also spectacular, in particular for his designs in a more structured way”.

The lucky part of this list of names ? Answer next may.

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