Meghan Markle, the companion of Prince Harry, “haunted” by the racism his family suffered

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

American actress Meghan Markle, couple with Prince Harry, is still ” haunted ” by the racism suffered by his family. She published a poignant message on her blog last Monday.

A cry from the heart, overwhelming. Meghan Markle published on Monday a long letter on her blog she discusses with emotion racism suffered by his family , and which still haunts today .

His text begins with an anecdote told him by his maternal, African American grandfather. He and his family moved from Ohio to California. “Meggie, during this trip, we stopped at KFC. In those days, it was necessary that people ” of color ” to go to the back of the restaurant. The cooks gave me the meal by the back door and we had to eat in the parking lot. This is how it went. ” at a time that Meghan Markle is not known, yet not so long ago. His mother was seven.

“This story still haunts me , writes the American actress couple with Prince Harry . It reminds me of how young our country is, how far we have come from and how much we still have to accomplish. It reminds me too many racist jokes that people have told me before, not realizing that I was Métis . ”

She concluded her moving message by thanking all the “champions of change” , who fought to change attitudes. As his white father and black mother , who “are mutually chosen is not for the color of their skin but for their personality .” She pays tribute to their love story, stronger than prejudice, by taking up the words of a certain Martin Luther King.