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Entertainment 17 August, 2017


In an interview granted to the US version of the magazine Glamour, Meghan Markle spoke about the women who inspire her ; the girlfriend of prince Harry has taken the opportunity to announce the name of the female personality who has particularly influenced in his choice to embrace a career as an actress.

On march 23, 1990 is a day that is oh-so-symbolic for fans of fairy tales modern. Indeed, it is at this time that is released on the big screens american the movie Pretty Woman that revealed Julia Roberts incarnate so brilliantly the role of a prostitute with a big heart. An apparition that marked forever Hollywood and that was for Meghan Markle, a revelation : ” This is the first person I’ve seen on the screen and in front of which I said to myself : “It looks super nice, I want to do it “. When I was younger, someone said to me : “You look like a little Julia Roberts profile “. It was the biggest compliment of all time. “, does it come from, and to confide in an interview with the US version of the magazine Glamour.


An interview during which he was asked the top 10 of the women who have most inspired ; that some already announced officially betrothed to the youngest son of Lady Diana mentioned when some of his other idols, the singer, Joni Mitchell, the primatologist Dian Fossey and the former u.s. secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. A classification which also includes author and Nobel prize american Toni Morrison : “At the university, I followed a course on the work of Toni Morrison. The first time I read the eye more blue, I thought “Wow, she creates this entire world for you to feel a part of it” “.


An interview during which the actress, 36, has not forgotten to pay tribute to the one who gave it to him on the day : “My mother is a yoga teacher, but she also does social work and is working with the seniors. I see since always be generous and take care of the other… But at the same time, it has always been a free spirit. She has dreadlocks and a piercing on the nose, has just run the marathon of Los Angeles. We have so much fun every two.

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