Melania Trump boycotted by fashion? Tommy Hilfiger defends

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

The wife of Donald Trump and future First Lady enjoys the support of an American icon!
donald-trump-son-fils-barron-sa-filleThe United States one month of the inauguration of a new President! January 20, 2017, Donald Trump succeed Barack Obama and take up residence in the White House. The event raises the anxiety of the American fashion industry, under the spell of Michelle Obama but perplexed Melania Trump.
Who will dress the future First Lady ? Tommy Hilfiger perhaps, who defends facing a potential boycott.
Tommy Hilfiger was expressed at the Angel Ball Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, on Monday 21 November in New York. Asked by the website WWD about the case Melania Trump, the designer replied: ” I think Melania is a very beautiful woman and that all creators should be proud of the dress … I think we should do political. Everyone was happy to dress Michelle [Obama] . I think they are gorgeous in clothes. You will not find more beautiful qu’Ivanka [ the daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump , Ed] or Melania . ”
The weekend before that response Tommy Hilfiger Sophie Theallet pierced the silence of the fashion sphere! The American brand has published an open letter on social networks, signed by its eponymous founder, indicating she would refuse any association with Melania Trump. The fault being attributed to her husband, future president and author of a campaign to ” racist, sexist and xenophobic “.
What will Melania Trump on January 20 at the inauguration? The issue remains unresolved. In the aftermath of the victory of her husband, former model was presented to Republican voters dressed in a Ralph Lauren Collection combination. The American home did not provide this information.