Melania Trump canonissime and unrecognizable before its operations

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

If Melania Trump had not been a model, would she have been spotted by Donald Trump? This week, his first photographer, Stane Jerko, explains the fascination that he felt for this teenager with the magnetic look, met by chance, one evening of the year 1987.
Brown, cheerful, Melania Knavs is a curious teenager. Like many girls of her age, she gathers her hair in a wild ponytail and goes out in the evening to be distracted. One day in 1987, while attending an event dedicated to fashion in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 80 kilometers from home, she meets a certain Stane Jerko. A photographer she dazzles by her natural charm. This furtive encounter marks the beginning of a great collaboration, which will earned her a worldwide success in women’s magazines.
” On the way out I saw a slender girl, skinny with long legs and beautiful hair. I thought she had all the ingredients to be a great model , “reports the Italian newspaper Il Corriere. He explained: “If I had not met her when she was 16-17 years old, this would probably never have happened.” The one who poses with an innocent air with its fine waist and childish palm for black and white portraits gains confidence. His dreams of leaving Sevnica come true. She flew to the capital of style, Milan, before discovering the United States. ” She went to Milan to make career and joined the United States. To break into the world of fashion in Milan or New York, you must have a unique beauty. The competition is fierce. But she had the talent natural and necessary. I am proud, proud to have photographed the first, ” recounts Stane Jerko.
In 1999, once again during an appointment centered on fashion, the young woman meets Donald Trump; the companion who became her husband in 2004. Amused not seeing the time pass, the photographer questions the fate of the icon . According to him, if he had not taken these pictures at the right time, Melania would have lived as a hidden beauty. ” Probably if I had not noticed that day, she never met Donald Trump . ”
Today, at 46, if the future First Lady has retained a wasp waist and very soft brown curls, he is alleged to have used plastic surgery to alter his face. If she tried to deny this rumor, however, there is a difference between the images taken in her adolescence and the current photographs.