Melania Trump: fashion faux-pas to the church for the future First lady

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

It was in Palm Beach, Florida that Donald Trump and his wife Melania celebrated Christmas. The new president-elect of the United States went to the church for the traditional midnight mass but his future First Lady did not fail to be noticed …
Between the elegant Christmas of the princely family in England and the more bling-bling of Donald Trump in Palm Beach, there is more than an ocean that separates them. Indeed, if Kate and her children were again distinguished by chic outfits on the way to the church, on the other side of the Atlantic the future American president, who also went to the Christmas Mass , Was able to count on his wife Melania to draw attention to him.
A few days before his nomination as president, the Republican candidate chose to spend the holidays under the sun of Palm Beach in Florida. There, the temperatures are around 30 degrees and therefore offer holidaymakers the opportunity to wear summer clothes. It is therefore in a very very short skirt and perched on high heels that Melania Trump chose to go to the church Betheseda-by-the-Sea to pray at the approach of the night of Christmas. A few Catholic holding the Dailymail noticed on the occasion of pictures published on its site . We see the future US First Lady little dressed and her husband, they arrived at church. An unconventional outfit for the midnight mass and which may have shocked many American believers but obviously not the faithful of this church in Florida.
It is in this same place in 2005 Donald Trump married Melania , and it is in this region that they spend their holidays more often until now. The great majority of the faithful present for this Christmas Mass therefore acclaimed the Trump couple when they entered the church, without passing judgment on the length of Melania’s skirt.