Melania Trump: his funny alcove secrets with Donald Trump

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

She officially became, today, First Lady of the United States. It was not his dream. But his pact with Donald has always been very clear. Back on a funny couple, in which the dominant is not necessarily the one we believe …

This may explain it … Despise for a “trophy wife”, Melania Trump, the third wife of the new president of the United States Donald Trump, is perhaps not that dumb model, impassive and manipulated at will by its husband misogynist, as the cameras of CBS still come to us believe, while they were filming the first couple of the US in its flashy penthouse in new York.
Relatively discreet during the presidential campaign, almost relieved that his first meeting with Michelle Obama at the White House was reduced to a single image, the Slovenian ex-top timidly returns in his role of First lady, which he will have to fully occupy After the investiture of her husband.
Sensing the flight of some of his shots naked , the future FLOTUS ( “First Lady Of The United States”) has already indicated that it would commit against harassment on social networks. That’s about it right now. Even if she had much to do with the father of her little Barron, multiplying the bellicose tweets …
The enigmatic brunette will oversee the newly decorated private apartments of 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue.
It is given an exquisite taste to choose porcelain. Second First lady of foreign origin in the history of the United States (after Louisa Adams, in the 19th century), Melania Trump does not pretend to much else. At the head of a line of jewelery and cosmetics, but much more monopolized by the education of their son Barron whom she never wanted to entrust to the care of a nanny, Donald’s wife is of the kind Retrograde and cites Jackie Kennedy as a model.
Do not take her for an idiot for all that … In the couple Trump, she was the one who exhorted to the reflection, before the pair joins the race to the White House. Son of the Yankee elite, Donald has a fine game of upsetting the established order, just as the bowling pins would be dropped. Daughter of a Slovenian driver and worker, landed on American soil in 1996, Melania swears only by discipline, believes in rules and hierarchy.
“Nobody knows me and will never know me. This only concerns me and my husband, ” likes to repeat the one who flees the worldlings and feeds at least his Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Donald was pushed from their first meeting in New York to the businessman Paolo Zampolli in 1998. Unattached , Melania hopes to see her career as a model take off. The real estate tycoon has already divorced twice. Nobody resists him, but nothing seems to fill him. That evening, he is accompanied. His escort is sent to repent his nose, so that he can quietly undertake Melania. Dusty dragon, Donald wipes a first camouflage: the Slovenian mannequin refuses to give her number, she prefers to ask for his. Trump dictates all his lines, professional and personal. “I did not want to be another woman in her diary. I was not impressed by his fame. It was probably intrigued ” , was justified at Melania the American edition of GQ , in April.
The top will remain on his guard for several months. It Press that she moved to the 66 th floor of the Trump Tower? She keeps the keys of the apartment she occupied before they met. Never reassured enough about his manhood, he deceives her? She puts an end to their connection, lets him return to his knees and ends up absolving him.
Married to the tycoon since January 2005, before 350 guests including husbands Clinton, Melania got what she wanted from him, or even what she always expected from a man according to her former classmates: power and protection . In exchange, she never interfered with her businesses, neither commercial nor political ( “it’s my husband’s business ,” she says). Unless she is asked to do so, she refrains from giving him an opinion and very rarely accompanies her on her journeys ( “she knows how to stay in her place” ). Finally, helped by a chief, an assistant and her parents Viktor and Amalija, settled near the Trump Tower, she takes care to respect this wishes of King Donald: “When I go home, I have worked enough, I do not want to work more on my relationship. ”
“Everyone knows his role. I never wanted him to change the layers of our son or to sleep it in the evening, ” Melania once summed up at the American site . Probably too glad that he found “nothing wrong” when requesting permission to plunge into a bath or indulge in the hands of a masseur. His wife’s plastic is a serious business for Donald. A few years ago, interviewed by host Howard Stern about the love he would continue to bring to his son’s mother, if she was the victim of a car accident, Trump asked, “And her breasts, They would be in what state? ” Feminists suffocate. The beaufs applaud. Melania will not change her habits. A former student of architecture, she seems to have traced her destiny in a straight line.
At the time of the installation of the Trump at the White House , the couple advance uni. Well almost. Lowering the presidential function at the latrine level, Donald Trump is pleased that he never heard his wife relieve himself on the toilet for the simple reason that they each have their own bathroom. Is there anyone to hunt?