Melanie Bastien (Secret Story 10) love: Tender kisses in Guadeloupe

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

Finally, there are good together!
bastien-et-melanie-de-secret-storyThe French public discovered them in Secret Story 10 on NT1, Melanie and Bastien were the focus of the plot of House of Secrets for twelve weeks. S ‘ they separated several times during the game, the lovebirds have apparently found their balance it in real life.
Thursday, December 1, while the metropolitan France began to really shivering, and Mélanie Bastien decided to fly to Guadeloupe to enjoy more mild temperatures and afford a nice romantic getaway for two. On Instagram, the former Secrétistes constantly criticized by their former comrades published the same picture on their respective accounts. On this one, we find them accomplices on a sailboat in the sea Caribbean, off the Saintes islands. ” Kisses of Guadeloupe, we think of you ,” said Melanie happily.
Of course, Internet users were quick to react to this picture full of love. ” You are too good together “, ” Oh you’re too good! Enjoy the sun, sea, and above all to be together. We embrace you, we think of you and continue to make us dream with all these photos ” ” you are too cute we love you, we miss you enjoy good serious, so happy for you! “, ” you are by far two of the most brilliant candidates of any secret history story ” could be read from the first reactions.