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Health 2 July, 2017


A member of the quartet’s original Spice Girl, become a business woman, multimillionaire, Mel B is now on the verge of bankruptcy, according to a series of documents made public during the trial that pits the singer to her ex-husband.

Between album sales, merchandising and numerous tours, Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B, has had the opportunity to put a lot of money over the course of his career. Become a multi-millionaire, the mother of the family seems to be able to squander nearly all of his fortune in a few years. It is, in any case, what seems to confirm a series of documents made public this Friday, in Los Angeles, during the trial, which pits the star to her ex-husband, producer Stephen Belafonte.

In front of the judge in charge of the case, the lawyer of Belafonte insisted on the fact that Mel B was not able to manage his fortune, which she spent not counting for too long a time. “She has squandered all the money raised as a Spice Girl , “said the lawyer. According to her, these are more than 40 million euros, which are volatilized in a few years because of the train of life “extravagant ” Melanie Brown. For its part, the british newspaper The Sunday People ensures that the company Moneyspider Productions, including Mel B is the owner since 1997, only today counts more than a thousand euros on his bank account.

The distress of the ex-Spice Girl, however, is quite relative. During the trial, he was recalled to the court that the English star still lives in a property of Los Angeles estimated at over 7 million euros. Who more is, his work of sworn on the hit show America’s Got Talent (american equivalent of France has an Incredible Talent) he would bring in today around 170.000 euros per month. What to quickly recover his health. The ex-husband of Mel B, it continues in parallel to domestic violence, claims to have today several tens of thousands of dollars to the singer. The judge in charge of the case will make its decision next Wednesday.


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