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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


For years, a compilation of videos circulating on the web shows Mélanie Laurent very, very sure of herself. A video that the actress has never commented … until today. In the columns of the magazine Télérama, the young woman admits to having been “wounded” by his teasing.

A video that compiles several interviews with Mélanie Laurent is circulating on the Internet for years. The actress appears to be very imbued of itself ” I am very curious of everything “, “My career as an actress evolves in a way that is very impressive “or even” I am someone who is very creative, I spend my life inventing, ” says very spontaneously the actress about it. The young director of 34 years, would have even confided ” to kill Hitler in his dreams since the age of four years “. That had a lot of laughs from visitors.

For many years, the actress of the film, I’m fine don’t worry, had not wanted to comment on this video compilation. Today, it comes out of its silence on this subject and to entrust it to Télérama have lived very badly the teasing she has been a victim. “I can understand the allergy that I have caused. Too many things that I had initiated or accepted are outputs at the same time, ” she said. She also felt “hurt” that person does not take up his defence. A video that the young mother still did not want to watch today. “I still haven’t looked at this mount where my enthusiasm passes for excitement” confided the actress.

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Mélanie Laurent

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