Melty Future Awards 2017: Adèle Castillon wins Coming Soon Award

Entertainment 7 February, 2017

Adele Castillon is the winner of the category Coming Soon of the melty Future Awards 2017 and has come to recover its prize on the scene of the Grand Rex.
This is The Event not to be missed! The Ceremony of the Future Awards melty place tonight live from the Grand Rex and is broadcast live on Facebook and FINALLY we can share with you the name of the winner of the category Coming Soon: Adele Castillon ! The young artist was named alongside Eleonore Sarrazin, Layvin Kruzawa, Némo Schiffman and Panayotis Pascot, but it was she who won the precious trophy. Adèle Castillon was able to count on the support of its 45,000 followers on Twitter as well as on its fans Youtube, two communities that mobilized to make it on stage tonight. Known as “Adèle Ta Chérie D’Amour”, she vlogs and multiplies projects to always be at the heart of the challenge.
In 2017, Adele Castillon gives you appointment in theaters since it is the cast of the film “Under The Same Roof” in which she will play opposite Louise Bourgouin and Manu Payet. A new challenge for the young woman who does not shrink from anything to please her fans! She succeeds LEJ and Sulivan GWED and we are really eager to know what she reserves for this 2,017 years that should be loaded in challenges for the young woman! In a moment, we’ll find out the name of the grand prize winner of the Forever Young Class of 2017 . The votes were ultra tight but only a winner will return with the golden trophy!
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