Melty Future Awards 2017: Backstage, Golden Carpet, ceremony … The red thread!

Entertainment 6 February, 2017

Backstage, Preparation, Room, Golden Carpet, Ceremony … Get behind the scenes at the Melty Future Awards 2017 and follow it all HERE minute by minute!
After a year of waiting, melty Future Awards are back and this year the event organized by melty in partnership with NT1 and Fun Radio will be even crazier: guests of relief, unprecedented performance, Golden Carpet furious with surprises over-excited fans, exceptional host, amazing shows … in short, we will not get bored and we are already oN FIIIIIRE. Whether you are at home or with us, to miss nothing of the event, you can follow on the Facebook Live , the Golden Carpet 19h at 8:10 p.m. ET integral ceremony MFA from 20.30 but here where Unveils you all minute by minute … So, ready to take a step in the future ?!