Melty Future Awards 2017: Edward Delgatte co-founder of Indemniflight named in the category Start-up Etudiante by BNP Paribas!

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

Who will be the big winner of the “Start-up Etudiante by BNP Paribas” category at the MFA 2017? Discover the profile of Edouard Delgatte, co-founder of the start-up “IndemniFlight”.
On February 6, you have an appointment with LA of the year, the melty Future Awards 2017! On the program, your favorite stars, benefits of madness and many other surprises. Of all the categories that you can vote in 2017 MFA Edward DELGATTE is nominated for the “Start-up student by BNP Paribas” . Reconciling studies and entrepreneurship does not scare Edouard! Student at Grenoble Ecole de Management, this young entrepreneur of 25 years launched the start-up “IndemniFlight” . The purpose of this new start-up? Compensate all air passengers for delay, cancellation or overbooking of their flight. Its mission and that of its partners? Defend passengers against injustice! A challenge that is dear to his heart and that Edouard raises brilliantly! Just enter the date and number of his flight and the legal experts of the start-up take care of everything for free. IF you want to support Edouard DELGATTE, do not forget to vote for him in here .