Melty Future Awards 2017: Essentials for a successful evening!

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

To get to the top of the MFA day, what do you need? Follow the guide and everything will be fine!
The melty Future Awards 2017 is tomorrow, Monday, February 6th from 19h at the Grand Rex in Paris. Before the ceremony begins at 20:30 in the hall of the Grand Rex, it runs the Golden Carpet where a star-studded audience will scroll: Zaho Nathan Sykes through the melty Talents House and some unpublished cosplayers as Lego Batman, Darth Vader or Deadpool yet … we expected heavy mega, in addition of course you! And because we want you to be as pampered as our adored stars who came especially for the occasion, we give you the ultimate guide to spend the evening of the year. After that, you will only have to take your boarding pass and bring you back to the MFA, more fit than ever!
– Your ultimate guide to a successful evening . Before coming, ask about everything: the date, the place, the hour … it would be a pity that you come to the end!
– Your boarding pass to enter the room of the Grand Rex or your computer if you watch the show from your bed And do not worry, whether you’re on the spot or at home, you’ll be able to see everything, like a boss!
– A selfies to perch to take pictures of your favorite celebrities and taunt your buddies all the next day. In addition to leaving with memories full of head, you can go home with pictures of crazy and maybe even autographs. It’s still done, is not it ??
– Your phone fully loaded with all the apps social networks connected to any post live and an external charger to make the shot. It would be con to fall out of battery while Rayane Bensetti passes by you …
– Some good shoes and appropriate clothes because you risk standing for long, especially if you come in after noon to be at the forefront of the Golden Carpet. But if you want to go out heels of 12, free to you!
– From the food to hold out until the end of the ceremony. If you have the slab, you can always buy something in the neighborhood, but you may miss a part of the evening. And that’s not cool! Between the sausage sandwich and a souvenir photo, you have to choose.
– A mist to cool you when you go see your favorite star! A little discomfort would say a mouth-to-mouth … No, we do not want to give you bad ideas!
– Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma .. . It’s always cool to have someone bring you home after the party! Otherwise, you have public transport, taxi, bicycle, pony …
– And of course, the banner ! We want ambience, noise, madness and love!
To vote for personalities that will make 2017 according to you, go quickly on the platform of melty Future Awards , in partnership with NT1 and Fun Radio !