Melty Future Awards 2017: Lego Batman, Dark Vader and Deadpool on the Grand Rex stage

Cinema 3 February, 2017

Join 3 of the most cult pop saga characters on the melty Future Awards stage? That’s done.
Legendary characters are told! On stage at the Grand Rex on February 6, we can surely hear the famous “I’m Batman!” , The ominous breathing most badass villain in the galaxy far, far away and the punchlines of bad motherf * cker Marvel . Yeah, the melty Future Awards back in force again this year, Lego Batman , Deadpool and Darth Vader & his Stormtroopers will be on stage during the ceremony!
Who knows, maybe they will be there to deliver the Best Virtual Ambassador of melty Future Awards 2017 … Moreover and if you have not voted yet, it’s time to raise you as this is the last day of the vote today ! Then back your favorites in every category of the MFA . Who from Deadpool, Lego Batman or Dark Vader you expect to see the most on the scene of the melty Future Awards?
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