Melty Future Awards 2017: Marion co-founder of ICI LÀ LÀ named in the category Start-up Etudiante by BNP Paribas!

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

Marion Favre is nominated in the category Start-up Student by BNP Paribas of the melty Futures Awards. Thanks to HERE THERE.
The melty Futures Awards reward the stars of tomorrow, the personalities that mark the year 2017, the avant-garde, those who want and do not go unnoticed by their too cool projects and ideas. And indeed, this new edition which will take place on February 6 at the Grand Rex in Paris , melty decided to highlight young entrepreneurs in the Start-Up category student by BNP Paribas . At this event, will meet Marion , co-founded by then , an innovative concept of “nomadic dinners.” This idea, Marion developed it in parallel of her studies until she discovers the status of “Student-Entrepreneur” which allowed him to put himself full time on the project. She will even participate in a start-up weekend “Mangeons innovant” where she will meet Lucy, an American based in Paris, now associated with the ingenious project. Ingenious certainly original certainly, but especially greedy as participants (just register on their website HERE ) become small nomadic time for a meal. Indeed, if the aperitif is taken here , the entrance is eaten away , the main dish is eaten there and the dessert devours even elsewhere . ” Between each stop, a walk (! Digestive) of ten minutes maximum” explain the two young women who have a goal (or two) in common: to discover new places in one evening, in addition to a share good time !
Together, the two self-entrepreneurs select real good addresses, imagine the synergies that can be created between them and organize new itinerant dinners. If they opened a restaurant, Lucy would take care of the “back-of-house” (kitchen, products and flavors) while Marion would take care of the “front-of-house”. You will understand: they complement each other so much that success seems guaranteed! But they are not the only passionate in wanting the trophy MFA of the Start-Up category student by BNP Paribas, Etienne Ginon (Holimeet) , Julien Lev (Liberty Ride) , Lucas Bornert (WeCharge) and Edouard DELGATTE (Indemniflight) are The race. So who will win? It’s up to you to vote for your favorite project and response on Monday, February 6th from the Grand Rex of Paris where surprises, awards and Golden Carpet await you!