Melty Future Awards 2017: Stephane Bern wins the Prix d’Honneur of the year!

Entertainment 7 February, 2017

The news has just fallen! Stéphane Bern has just received the Prix d’Honneur at the melty Future Awards 2017 …
The evening is in full swing at the Grand Rex ! The stars are numerous to have made the trip for this special event. Know that you can follow Live in the Future Awards ceremony melty on the Facebook page of melty. Other beautiful surprises await you again during this beautiful evening. After the amazing show of Amir, who also received a Double Platinum Record live on stage at the Grand Rex, it’s time to put the price of honor melty Future Awards 2017 . It is the host of the History Secrets , Stéphane Bern , who receives the golden trophy shaped Y.
If he seems to love Negan in The Walking Dead , Stephane Bern proved he deserved the Honorary Award by making a dab. We are not going to lie, Stéphane Bern is an inescapable animator of the small screen but also of the radio. Who has not zapped on the issue, History of Secrets or listened to RTL to hear in The Big Heads ! The legendary Stéphane Bern has earned this great honor bestowed ago moments live from the Grand Rex, and it’s not finished. In a moment, we will know the winners in the last category to Fanbase melty Future Awards 2017 . The Throners, the Poko Family, The Enjoyers, the Potterheards or Team Jul? Who will go on stage to collect the trophy? Stay tuned!
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