Melty Future Awards 2017: The Question Box to be at the top of the day!

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

Where, when, how, why, what time, what day … Ask you more questions about the melty Future Awards 2017!
You got your boarding pass for the MFA but how is it going ?! You expect the past year but you still ask yourself a max of questions about the evening’s orga: where to go, how come, what time to arrive, what to eat, that y ‘will, why attend melty Future Awards 2017 . ..? Toussa Toussa and much more! But finished the torture, place to the FAQ where you will find all the answers to your questions. And if you have others, leave them in the com ‘at the bottom of the page;)
What is melty Future Awards?
The melty Future Awards is the ceremony of the year organized by melty which rewards the stars of tomorrow, the personalities who will speak in 2017 because they have a crazy news that you will not be able to circumvent. On TV, on the radio, on the Internet … we will see them everywhere and especially on melty!
The MFA is what day and what time it starts?
The melty Future Awards is on February 6, 2017 and it is from 19:00 that it begins. First, we unfold the Golden Carpet where mass of stars will parade and you will be able to meet, take selfies and shout their name until losing the voice. After we pass the Grand Rex until 22:30 for a party of crazy: shows, surprises, special guests await! You missed the Golden Carpet? No panic, everything will be transcribed in the room of the Grand Rex awaiting the launch of the ceremony! Things are well done, right?
Where are the MFAs?
The ceremony organized by melty takes place in the hall of the Grand Rex of Paris.
How to come to the melty Future Awards 2017?
Already the exact address is: 1 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002 Paris . To go that far, you can come on foot (if you like walking in Paris winter days), car and park around you (if you are patient and likes to look for a place for two hours), taxi ( is like driving without the hassle of finding a place with) by bike (practice before you tie, you not waste time) in scoot (bis practice, before you tie, you not waste time), by bus , by metro (station Strasbourg Saint-Denis – line 4, 8 or 9) or private jet (if you have the tune and a way to let the machine not too far). So you have no excuse not to come or arrive with three hours late …
The boarding passes are in your name, is it a problem to go back?
As soon as you arrive, you will be able to present your boarding pass which will be scanned at the entrance and if your name appears on your 2 boarding pass while you have come with your friend, no problemo! Everyone will be able to enter the room, even if there is only one name to record! Our recommendation : Inside, the seats are not numbered and you can put you where you want, but beware, the best seats go fast so from 18:00 am to ensure you a luxurious place!
You must be saved as jaja to the MFA?
For the MFA, you come as you like: in denim, dress, rhinestones, sequins, sneakers, heels of twelve, bonnet or shorts … It is you who decides. All you want is that you are well in your sneakers and at ease to spend the best evening of your life! Well, if you feel good that in paj, you still feel you do not have to bring you back in this outfit …
And y’aura who at the melty Future Awards?
On Monday, February 6th at the Grand Rex (Golden Carpet and venue included), Caroline Receveur, Nathan Sykes, Zaho, EnjoyPhoenix, Amir, Rayane Bensetti, Boostee are expected to appear as the winner of Secret Story 10 The talents of the Melty Talents House (Wolf, Ilyes and co ‘). For the first time in your life – or rather for the fourth consecutive year – you will have many personalities from all fields combined in the same room. Canon, right? Oh yes and we forgot, it also whispers in our open space that Dark Vador and Lego Batman will be part …
If you are hungry during the MFA, what should you do?
You tasted and you thought you would hold the evening but no. Hunger rages, your belly gurgles, your mouth cries famine. Basically, you have a sudden slab! But this is not a drama since around the Grand Rex of Paris, you have plenty of stuff like fast food, supermarkets, restaurants … And if you do not want to miss a second of the ceremony , prepare your snacks and satiate yourself before entering the room (yes because someone eating a sandwich rosette and takes two hours to open his packet of crisps next to you, it ‘ is sucks) !
How to watch the ceremony if you can not come?
Yeah it’s fine to give all the little tips of “if you come, what to do?” But if you do not come, how do you do it? Hey? Already know that we are sorry (as would say Justin Bieber) for you and that you can watch from your computer ALL: visit backstage, on stage, in between the boxes as if you were there, like a boss! So you can follow the Golden Carpet and ceremony live on melty and Facebook and lots of pictures / videos will be posted on social networks Twitter and Instagram site, just for you. Far from the eyes, near the heart <3. To vote for personalities that will make 2017 according to you, go quickly on the platform of melty Future Awards , in partnership with NT1 and Fun Radio !