Melty Future Awards 2017: The YouTubeuse Emma CakeCup is sacred Femme Incontournable

Entertainment 7 February, 2017

The YouTube Emma CakeCup returned with the trophy of the Must-Woman at the MFA 2017 ceremony.
She is one of the most influential French YouTubeers of the moment. CakeCup Emma, 19, won the Women Must at the ceremony of the Future Awards 2017 melty at the Grand Rex in Paris. The young woman won all the votes and her community was largely mobilized to win. After feeling the Golden Carpet, Emma CakeCup received his trophy from the YouTuber Miss Serbia and Julien Secret Story 10 . She thanked the fans who voted for her but also her mom who is her first admirer and who voted every day for her daughter!
The videographer has conquered her audience thanks to her lifestyle and beauty capsules treated with humor. Globe second hand, Emma also dreams his followers with his travel videos. With more than one million subscribers on YouTube, the young woman plans to explode the counters with new audience records this year. In 2017, you twerker, laugh and always do more cakecups through chains Emma !
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