Memphis Depay: Zoom on the tattoos of the new OL player

Entertainment 27 January, 2017

Freshly arrived in Lyon, Memphis Depay is totally addicted to tattoos. MeltyStyle unveils the meaning of some of them.
Last week, Memphis Depay signed with Olympique Lyonnais, who coveted him openly since the start of the transfer window. Very little solicited by Manchester United and his coach Jose Mourinho this season, the Dutch intends to revive itself in the workforce of Bruno Génésio. For he is convinced of it, he can become one of the best footballers of his generation. This desire to shine, one finds it in the words that he got tattooed on the torso. “Dream Chaser”, which means “Dream Chaser”, shows the tenacity of the main person . This inscription is accompanied by wings, stars, an angel and motifs of all kinds. This is less imposing than the goddess Kurzawa has a tattoo in the same place , but it is still provided.
In addition to having a well-designed body, Memphis Depay is distinguished by a strong interest in tattoos. As you can see, his arms and legs are completely covered with motifs and representations … He is only 22 years old, but he has not lost any time! According to Sport 24 (BBC), the first tattoo Memphis – so he wants to be called – is a tribute to his maternal grandfather, who died when he was a teenager. He has since supplemented it with many other inscriptions, such as the date “16/06/14” accompanied by Christ who refers to his goal registered at the World Cup against Australia. Aladdin & Taz the Devil are also part of the game. But when it was signed at the OL, it was a much more impressive tattoo that he unveiled on the social networks … A lion head covering his back! It is unclear whether this is his tattoo, and whether he plans to do so in the coming weeks. Anyway, Memphis would squarely place in the issuance Black Ink Crew ! And you, you kiffez the tattoos?