Meningitis : 200 students vaccinated in Paris in the wake of a death

Health 29 June, 2017


Published the 29.06.2017 at 11: 34


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A young woman of 19 years died of meningococcal meningitis type W (bacterial meningitis) last February. She was a student at the american university of Paris, a higher education private institution, located in the 7th district. A case a priori isolated. The close entourage of the victim was quickly taken care of and vaccinated.

But a second case within the institution, stated last may, has pushed the regional Agency of health (ARS) Ile-de-France to put in place a system of broad-based prevention, reports Le Parisien, which revealed the information. During the month of June, the LRA has carried out an information campaign to students. Approximately 200 students have been vaccinated against meningococcal infection.

A risk of epidemic measured

“It is the use to wait until you have two cases at the same location to connect to a home potentially epidemic “, explained in the columns of the newspapers, a doctor who participated in operation immunization.

The management of these cases has been subdued, and the information was limited to the university community. “We have put in place a system of information is proportionate, mainly for students of the american university, says the ARS, contacted by Pourquoidocteur. The risk of the epidemic was not as high as that of the university of Dijon “.

13 000 people vaccinated

Last January, the ARS Burgundy, France-Comte had in fact launched a broad public information campaign of vaccination, after the death the end of 2016, two students from the university of Burgundy. A third case, supported at the time, had been confirmed. The same bacterial strain was concerned.

Nearly 30 000 students and members of staff of the university had been invited to be immunized, and more than 13 000 had responded to the call, throughout the month of January. The system of vaccination had been maintained up to the end of the month of march.