Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy VS Matt of The Vampire Diaries, which is the most unlucky?

Cinema 15 November, 2016

The fate persists against Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy but life does not present to Matt’s The Vampire Diaries. Which of the two characters is the unluckiest?

the-vampire-diaries-tvd-saison-8-matt-greyMeredith poor! The heroine of Grey’s Anatomy is often cited as being the most unfortunate and unlucky TV character . It’s hard to compete with a woman who witnessed the death of many of his friends as well as her husband, who nearly drowned, who was the victim of a terrible plane crash and found herself among other disasters. But after Matt Donovan has returned in episode 4 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , we say that unfortunately the police could whip BFF Alex Karev! Life is not kind to the ex-boyfriend of Elena Gilbert and its existence does not seem to improve. But then that Meredith of Grey’s Anatomy or Matt of The Vampire Diaries is the unluckiest?
Children and families
Meredith did not have an easy childhood, raised by a single mother who was not often present in Grey’s Anatomy . The young woman has always had conflictual relationship with his parents . Later, she met her half-sister Lexie with whom she made many mistakes. If both women were finally reconciled, Meredith had to say goodbye to his sister, who died in a plane crash. Now Meredith found his other half-sister, Maggie. Very quickly, the two women were very accomplices and formed a family. But love with the same man, their relationship could shatter. Matt had a similar childhood to that of Meredith but he was not alone. The former boyfriend of Elena was very close to his sister, Vicki. Unfortunately, she was the first to be transformed into a vampire. While she was struggling to control himself, Stefan had to resolve to kill in The Vampire Diaries . Matt recently reconnected with his father and tries to build a relationship with him, which is not always easy.
Meredith found the love of his life, Derek, in the first season of Grey’s Anatomy . The problem ? The neurosurgeon was married! After a difficult start, some breaks and a lot of tears, Meredith and Derek were a happy couple until the character of Patrick Dempsey died in a car accident. In season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy , Meredith approaches Riggs but their story looks complicated because Maggie is also in love cardiologist. As for Matt, he was never happy in love in The Vampire Diaries . Elena left him for Stefan, Caroline chose him as Tyler Rebekah and Nadia were not really made for him. Matt has yet met the great love, Penny Ares. If they have had a few years of happiness, the officer accidentally killed his girlfriend into thinking he was pulling on a vampire! We still have a broken heart!
Meredith was always surrounded by many friends who became his second family. Unfortunately, many have died or gone far from Seattle in Grey’s Anatomy . Even her BFF, Cristina, left the United States to settle in Switzerland. However, Meredith can count on his best friend Alex for support. However, it could be that the pediatrician is also leaving the show and therefore, his best friend. Side of The Vampire Diaries , Matt has also found a new home with his friends. But for some time, he stood alone! Most of his friends have become vampires and Matt hates these creatures. It’s not always easy to live in Mystic Falls! So we wondered if Tyler was truly dead in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries , Matt discovered the lifeless body of his best friend. The officer is inconsolable face this new murder. The fate persists on the character of Matt Roerig. If Meredith lived very hard times, poor Matt seems to be the unluckiest TV character . It is hoped that it will manage all the same to get a happy-ending! And according to you, Matt of The Vampire Diaries is it more unlucky than Meredith Grey’s Anatomy?