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Entertainment 23 January, 2018


While out this week the new Steven Spielberg movie, Pentagon Papers, with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, the latter gave an interview to Gala, where she describes the exceptional women who inspired it. Asked about Brigitte Macron, she said the greatest good.

The coming of Meryl Streep in France has not gone unnoticed. With his partner, Tom Hanks, and its director, Steven Spielberg, with whom she collaborates for the first time, the actress has made the happiness of the French public: media tour, red carpet, photos with the fans. Yet very discreet, even reserved, Meryl has done the job.

It embodies in Pentagon Papers, a patron of a journal to whom we owe the denunciation of one of the biggest political scandals of the history of the United States. A woman activist, as Meryl in life. The actress has never hidden its commitments. The arrival of Donald Trump in the position of president of the United States has not prevented it to say what she thought of the excesses of power. The president had then said that the actress three times winner, and once again named to the last Golden Globes was ” overstated.”

In an interview with Gala, (on newsstands this Wednesday, 24th January), she is asked about the first lady, Melania Trump, she argues, despite the attacks of her husband: “I have a lot of empathy for all those who are on a path that they have not really wanted to take. It is difficult to get the responsibilities in these terms and conditions. “But as to mark the difference between the First Lady and the first lady French, Meryl Streep adds: “The wife of your President, in France, appears to give a picture of strong woman and determined…” This should be fun to Brigitte Macron!

Interview by our correspondent in Hollywood, Hervé Tropéa

Credits photos : Bestimage

Meryl Streep

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