Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones avenges photographing her buttocks itself

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

Photographed without her knowledge by paparazzi, Catherine Zeta-Jones did not expect to be pushed around so easily. The actress has responded to the unusual way photographers, all with the help of her husband Michael Douglas.

catherine-zeta-jones-et-michael-douglasFaced with the paparazzi, each technique. Some personalities, such as Tori Spelling , pose willingly, others, like Kanye West , opt for the slap while a small part, such as Sophie Marceau , begins to film the prying photographers then broadcast images online. Catherine Zeta-Jones , she found a more original way to respond to the repeated assaults of paparazzi.
Last Monday, the star was photographed without his knowledge while wearing a bikini. The actress of 47 years was primarily upset to have been spied during a private moment but has also taken badly that the paparazzi did not have photographed its best. To restore the balance, the Oscar winner has appealed to her husband, Michael Douglas , asking him to immortalize his forms in a better angle. Result: two photographs published alongside the Instagram account of Catherine Zeta-Jones. The caption: ” Furious that the paparazzi have photographed my ass, so I share the photos my husband took my butt. It is always a better view. ”
Within 24 hours, the post of the actress has been like by over 13,000 users. Added too many comments supporting the approach of Catherine Zeta-Jones. The heroine of Chicago she has just discovered the ultimate weapon against celebrity photographers? Ask relatives to turn into paparazzi for a day. The result is a priori the same, except that the published photograph is of better quality and can be filtered by celebrity before appearing online. An ideal compromise.