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Entertainment 10 January, 2018


They are so loved that it is difficult to imagine them in the turmoil. And yet. According to Paris Match, the couple formed by France Gall and Michel Berger has experienced some turbulence at the end of the years 80 and early years 90, in particular because of their different ways of reacting to the illness of their daughter Pauline.

The late 80’s. France Gall buckle his tour ” Tour de France “. And wants to hang up the microphone. “I felt it was enough. I was tired. And I had big problems of health, related to my daughter. I no longer wanted to get away from it, I wanted to be available “, she explained later, in a statement unearthed by Paris Match on the occasion of a special issue following the death of the singer. The choice of France Gall, then entered in contradiction with the one of Michel Berger, who wanted to delve into the work.

“Michel did not understand his decision at the time, provides a close to the couple to Paris Match.He had a need to create, to write, to sing, to ward off the spell. But France was very sure of her choice. He was never able to make her change of opinion “. These opinions are contrary to cause turbulence in the relationship. France Gall takes refuge more and more often in Senegal (she purchased her home in 1990), and Michel Berger share in California to record his albums. The couple will return to full that with the joint creation of Double Game, first real album as a duo – the latter, while Michel Berger died suddenly of a heart attack on August 2, 1992.

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