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Entertainment 26 January, 2018


Guest in media Village, at the microphone of Europe 1, Michel Cymes is back on his podium “feminist” in the pages of the Parisian. The doctor has expressed his point of view by taking the defence of women’s speech and spoke of his personal experience.

“I was asked my opinion, I’ve given my opinion,” explains Michel Cymes at the micro Europe 1. Guest in Village Media, he was asked about his participation, which is criticized by internet users, to a forum “feminist” published in The new yorker. “I’m appalled by these stories of guys who don’t know how to stop, begins the doctor. I don’t know that it actress has said this : “When I say no, what don’t you understand ? “. And it is true that when a woman says ” no “to a man, sometimes the man he said:” Why? I don’t understand “. It is not, there is nothing to understand, it is not, point. “

A principle that the host of the show The powers extraordinary the human body has always been put into practice in his personal life. “I’m a man, I draged in my life, I have never been, this would be only the beginning of the idea of harassing them, putting a hand to the buttocks of a woman, to insist so heavy. It is all heavy when you drag, teenager or older, but a time when it doesn’t, it doesn’t, it stops, ” explains Michel Cymes.

In the pages of the Parisian, the surgeon had testified as to his experience. He himself had been sexually assaulted in the subway when he was only 15 years old. The participation of the columnist of Télématin on this forum has annoyed internet users. Author of a book to a child on the body called, When it will, when it will not (published by Bell), Michel Cymes had also been accused of not having mentioned with enough details of the female sex, unlike her male counterpart, and thus being sexist.

Michel Cymes has taken a stand for the liberation of the word from the women : “I am appalled by these stories of guys who don’t know how to stop” #VillageMediaspic.twitter.com/6nJhUifOMy

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