Michel Cymes confides his worst memory of school life: his failure in the bac

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

Before being adored by viewers Health Magazine to even become ” the preferred host of the French ” Michel Cymes was a high school student plagued by difficulties, to the point of it be taken twice To obtain the baccalauréat. A failure that still haunts him today.
You can be the doctor the most famous of France, have been newly elected ” favorite animator of the French ” , learning that his book Hippocrates into hell will be adapted to the small screen, in short symbolize success, but rehashing all the same old failure Of forty years.
Indeed, during a long interview with our colleagues from VSD , Michel Cymes has revealed what continues to traumatize , namely it be repeated twice to get the tray. ” The medical profession attracted me but I had no vocation. And I missed my baccalauréat. This summer has traumatized me a little. ” , He says before further analyze this failure.
“I wanted to bring this diploma to my parents. Unconsciously, I also wanted to be successful, to bring them happiness, after all they had been through , “he said with optimism that has always characterized clearly.
So the young student, once the precious passport for pocket graduate, has redoubled efforts to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. A success that also explained by the fact of having had a friend before him, ready to motivate : ” I redoubled my end , my friend was in first year medical … he redoubled. He used me as a locomotive. We ended up together. I was received the first time. ”
Note that in the same interview, the presenter of the Health Magazine evokes its total passion for football: ” I weighed the sport (football) and PSG ” , he says. To the point of having insisted with the weekly so that the photo shoot illustrating his remarks is realized in the Park of the Princes.
A stage in which Michel Cymes are his habits since 1974: ” Young, I was made me a fake press pass to enter the Park ” , he says, without specifying whether the infringement was convincing. An obsession as the host even made believe on Twitter that he had become the official doctor of the PSG, always with playfulness and malice that characterize it.