Michel Delpech: His wife Genevieve troubled by the resemblance to their son

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

Like father, like son ?
emmanuel-delpech-et-sa-compagne-justineWhile out in stores on November 18, the disc tribute Michel Delpech, I was an angel , the widow of singer Geneviève Delpech revisits some of the best memories of his life the artist’s side died last January . The opportunity to be more confused than ever by the resemblance between her husband and her son Emmanuel …
Opening the album Remember to plunge in 21 years of marriage with the singer regretted Geneviève Delpech prefer to keep smiling, thinking back to all that she has lived with her husband and their children, rather than pity. It must be said that she saw a particular mourning since, medium, she says have been signs of Michel Delpech since his death … No doubt also helped in this event by her children, she is also struck by the similarities between her son Emmanuel (25 years) and her husband, when reviewing vintage images. ” They look like clones, it’s touching. They are sweet memories (…) It was fusion between Michael and Emmanuel, and we already feel how much they both love. And how much they look alike ! It is completely incredible When I see that, it’s crazy, I tell myself. ‘He did it alone this child’ , “she said to Gala .
Genevieve, who is also the mother of the actress and elected Pauline Delpech , also recounts the genesis of the name of their son. ” It was Michel who chose the name. As a highlight. We still hesitated between Gabriel, Samuel … I remember first names in ‘el’, as the angels, it flies … And Michael returned a day of a concert and he said, ‘I know he will be called Emmanuel’ That’s it. “she said.